About Us


THAKRAL & SONS has been established to work for a single objective – Bringing the best quality consumer products in India at realistic, reasonable and affordable prices. We, at Thakral & Sons, believe that a happy client leads to the company success. Our clients, that is, distributors, retailers and the end users are the soul of our company and are a driving force behind us to provide the best to all without compromising on the benefit of any.

The management and the team at Thakral & Sons strive and work continuously to achieve the company objective. Thakral & Sons aims at bringing the best and leading consumer products to India, representing the brands which share the same vision that the management of Thakral & Sons has – providing products at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality.


Thakral & Sons was set up with the vision to bring the leading International consumer products to India which do not compromise on the quality and are yet available at realistic prices which are affordable by majority of the market segment.The team at Thakral & Sons is continuously working towards achieving this goal and I take pride in being a part of a company which is a leading distributor of International consumer products. At Thakral & Sons, we strive to partner with brands which provide value in terms of product quality and pricing.